General Manager Message

Dear Friends,
Today is Martin Luther King Day! Let us remember the struggles met and sacrifices made by Dr. King and those before us who fought for equality and justice among all men, women, girls and boys in the United States of America. As the General Manager of the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex for 14 years, February 2, 2000, I can reflect upon the challenges it has taken to manage 5 businesses within a complex designed to be safe, free from crime drugs and gangs and remain affordable for families and youth in East Austin specifically and for citizens in general in Austin. I The East Austin neighborhood race, gender, age and socioeconomic status of homeowners have changed and appear to be moving at a fast pace to become an urban retail, commercial with sought after real estate for home builders.

In 2014 our efforts currently are to identify new Community Partnerships which will allow the Millennium's Austin Rosewood Community Development Board to lead the facility to include our new neighbors. We are also realigning our marketing efforts to strengthen the knowledge of MYEC services to our current and new neighbors and families in East Austin.

To show our appreciation of 15 years in the Community, the Millennium will host a grand re-opening to celebrate 15 years of family entertainment service in the city of Austin. You are invited to help us re-remember those whom are responsible for this facility being here, re-acknowledge the City of Austin and SMG our funding sources, and thank those of you whom have patronized this facility and made it successful.

When: February 22, 2014

Where: The Millennium
1156 Hargrave Street, Austin, Texas

Ceremony begins: 2:00 pm

Free Bowling and Skate Passes:
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Please know you are invited to join us in celebrating and acknowledging the special ceremony and fun activity's celebrating 15 years of family fun! Feel free to check out for program and more information on the Grand Re-Opening.

Happy Valentine's Day in advance. I look forward to seeing you on February 22, 2014.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Vanessa Silas
General Manager


Turning Tragedy into Triumph:
The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex came about as the result of a tragedy in east Austin. In 1992 late one evening, a group of teens were laughing and talking on an east Austin street corner when a passing car slowed and shots shattered the night. Sixteen year old Tamika Ross lay dead on the sidewalk. The idea for the facility came from a group of young people led by Jenniffer Muhammad and Michael Bryant who wanted to give the youth of Austin a safe place to "hang out". The project was launched by former Austin City Council Member Dr. Charles Urdy and a funding plan was developed under the guidance of former Austin City Council Member Eric Mitchell. The project was guided by local Austin grass roots activists, such as Larry Jackson and the late Dorothy Turner as well as an appointed City of Austin Board, one of whose members Juan Cotera, a fervent peace activist, was killed in 1996.

Originally named the Central City Entertainment Center, this 55,000 square foot facility held its Grand Opening on June 18, 1999. Following a citywide contest, the facility was renamed the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex by Stephanie Pena, an East Austin resident to symbolize the turn of the century and new beginnings. Gerrell "Gi Gi" Jones, an east Austin resident and supporter of the efforts entered a logo contest which his design of two diverse people embracing was unanimously selected as the logo for the Complex because of his message of peace. The Millennium was built on the former site of the Rosewood Shopping Center in East Austin as a fun, exciting and safe place for Austin's young people. The Complex offers indoor youth, adult, family and community oriented entertainment activities. Within the Complex is a 154-seat movie theater, a 16-lane bowling alley, video arcade, (2) food courts, and a roller skating rink. In addition to serving as a great place for youth, adults and families to skate, bowl, play video games, and have birthday parties, the Millennium also hosts special events, job fairs, private receptions, parties and community events.

The Millennium is owned by the City of Austin, governed by the Austin Rosewood Community Development Corporation (ARCDC) and managed by SMG World, one of the largest entertainment facility management companies in the world.

The Millennium is dedicated to the memory of Tamika Ross and Juan Cotera


Pharr Andrews
Ray Ates
Karen Box
Michael Bryant
Jenniffer Muhammad
Robert Donnelly
Akwasi Evans
Gavino Fernandez
Rev. Frank Garrett*
Vera Givens
Carol Hadnot
Saboor A. Hameed
Thomas Henderson
Larry Jackson
Rev. Sterling Lands II
Jan Lawson
Byron C. Marshall
Donetta McCall
Eric Mitchell
Megan Mitchell
Kendall Moss
Min. Cedric Muhammad
Gus Pena
Stephanie Pena
Robin Roberts-Harven*
Velma Roberts*
Christopher Smith
Dorothy Turner*
Dr. Charles Urdy
Anthony White
Vanessa Woods
Tommy Wyatt

* Deceased
Austin Rosewood Community Development Corporation (ARCDC) Board Members: Karen Box, Timmie Bui, Diana Domericki, Akwasi Evans, Vera Givens, Sara Hensley, Angela Means, Michael Parks

The Millennium Mission, as recorded, is to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment (free from drugs, gangs, crime, and violence) where families can enjoy a wide range of affordable, high quality recreational and entertainment activities and attractions.

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